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The Transformers
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Come one, come all! This is The place for all things Transformers: be it comics, toys, movies, cartoons, video games the whole nine yards. All brands of Transformers are included. Beast Wars, Armada, Generation 1 the entire Transformers Universe will be covered within' this community. If you like to write/read fanfics about the Transformers they can be put here too! Creativity is encouraged. A Generation 1 theme has been chosen to welcome everybody since people familiarize themselves with G1 the best. Being the originals those Transformers are the ones who get the most respect.
NOW, you know what comes next right? THE RULES!

1. NO TROLLING OR FLAMING OF ANY KIND. Anyone flaming anyone just for the sake of doing it. That person will get banned. Flaming and trolling is cruel and unnecessary, anyone who'd think of doing it is not a respectful individual. We can all agree to disagree but let's do it in a civilized manner, be more professional about your statements.

If you can have an intelligent argument without flaming the person then that is acceptable because everyone has their own opinions and we can all agree to disagree. However- if you come in, act all pissy about stuff (example: "BUMBLEBEE IS GAY!" or "I HATE TRANFORMERS ENERGON AND YOUR STUPID BECAUSE I HATE YOU!") about the littlest thing with a detestable attitude towards others, insulting a persons views and/or do nothing but verbally attack someone. You're out of here!! So don't be a block-head. You will get banned. Think I'm playing? TEST ME!

2. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR FIGHTING. Look, let's try to be mature shall we? It's not too much to ask right? This is a fan community, it was made for fun. If you continually start arguments with random folk or even just one for no good reason. You will be banned immediately. If you feel you are being harassed then come tell me (the maintainer) about the situation. If a person threatens your life or says they want to do to do physical harm to you then contact Livejournal and tell them the problem.

No hard feelings and no such negativity will be deployed in this fan base. Let's keep it light-hearted and pure. After all it's Transformers, a part of pop-culture history. If you hate Transformers then LEAVE your kind is not welcome here.

3. PLEASE DO NOT ADVERTISE OTHER COMMUNITIES HERE. I cannot stress this enough. Do not spam this community with ads. There are other ways of getting your community out there. If you want to know how refer to hints in the LJ help section or do your research. Whatever it's your business but please, leave this community out of it. Any spam posts will be deleted and the spammer shall be let off with a warning. Repeated entries of community posts will eventually lead to the poster getting banned. So please, do it some where else.

4. KEEP YOUR POSTS RELEVANT TO THE COMMUNITY. Hey, if you get distracted during a conversation or want to talk about something else. Feel free to do so, it's no biggie. So long as your actual POST has something to do with Transformers. Just keep your post relevant to the community, eem' kay?

5. IMAGES ARE TO BE PUT BEHIND A CUT. Be nice to others, put your pics behind an lj-cut. Most people get irritated very easily by large images that will make the scroll bar jump a yard long. Remember, lj-cut is your friend.

In reality I really do not like to do troublesome things such as banning or getting on others case but from what I've seen in many communities there are abusers out there. Let's not resort to immediate confrontation. I'm a nice guy. One love! So let's respect each other and just as important, respect others.

This is thetransformers community.


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